Let Your Ancestors Live Vicariously Through You

In 2010 I was released after serving a year in jail. During my incarceration I began studying the history of blackness through the eyes of my ancestors. Through my reading I began understanding the power I was wasting and made promises to never lose any more time at the hands of fear. Without being fully conscious my footsteps have been guided not by my own will but through an invisible force of soul.

Oftentimes praise or some variation is given to me as an individual which is difficult for me to receive because I know that my ancestors are living vicariously through me. Actions that are pursued have a certain backing behind them that are, with even the best diction, hard to explain. I used to often think that isolation meant being alone but upon further reflection I’ve begun to understand that what many consider as being inverted is actually a selfless act. I without the slightest doubt must move with conviction. My knowledge of history will not allow otherwise. To know the struggle of black and the strides we’ve made as a people is enough to set fire to anything that we touch. Formal education is but a formality. Normality is all too normal. Energy without innovation is a sin.

Society would like to reserve ones legacy as it equate to monetary value. As people who control the flow of the entire world it is our duty to redefine what fuels our motivation. Begin to ask how your ancestors would analyze your moves and act accordingly.

I as a person am not perfect and in the least bit invincible. What I do know is the standard set by my past and will continue to grow in faith that I will be a reflection of my ancestors wildest dreams.

Since our creation in 2015 the Roots team can proudly say that we run, operate and control every single tier of our collective. In 2018 we will be expanding to new heights while undoubtedly remaining Black-AF! We hope you join us on our journey and look forward to growing with you all.

Peace and Power.