About the Collective

 The Roots Collective is an organization of ambitious visionaries dedicated to the economic growth, social awareness, and self-sufficiency of black and brown communities nationwide. Since our inception in 2015, we have displayed the innovativeness of black ownership while emphasizing the power of the black dollar in order to secure financial liberation amongst our peoples.

Our platform to push our mission forward consist of 3 main entities:
Roots Clothing: A clothing line dedicated to expressing, informing, and celebrating black beauty.
Roots Black Marketplace: A monthly black and brown specific marketplace geared towards business owners to promote, grow, and expand their businesses to the community.


Roots Printing: A cost-effective one stop shop for all marketing and promotional materials.


As the Roots Collective continues to grow, we vow to rebel against this broken system designed to keep communities of color financially oppressed and dependent. It is our responsibility and privilege to boldly empower and provide platforms for our community to flourish for generations to come.


Meet the Collective

Headshot - Danny 200

Danny Agnew

Chicago Native, Miami Livin, GED Grad, 2X Felon, Entrepreneur, Pan African, Pan Indigenous, Pan Carribean, Pro Black.

"Creating the world I want to live in so I can die free."

Headshot - Munch 200

James "Munch" Mungin

Horus King, 1/3rd of the wise men to witness the birth of Jesus.

Headshot - Omar 200

Omar Desire

A visionary dedicated to the task of consciousness healing. Omar works tirelessly for the spiritual & physical liberation of people of Colour and ultimately humanity as a whole.

Headshot - Emmanuel 200

Emmanuel George

Born in Miami to two parents from Dominica, Manny is no stranger to the struggle: his father was part of the Black power movement in the 70s, and his great granduncle worked for Marcus Garvey in the U.N.I.A.

Headshot - who 200

Isaiah "Zaybo" Thomas

Isaiah Thomas was born and raised in Miami,FL. Isaiah is a school teacher, and community advocate for children. A graduate of FAMU, Isaiah believes in communal love and bringing the African diaspora together in different areas to build and enjoy Black love.